Wild berries -plant identification


Can’t find my original post but I am trying to find info about a straw berry like low ground cover type plant, don’t see any thorns but it has fruit like a black berry. Many thanks.


Thank you for your question and for sending a photo to assist with identification of this plant.

Despite the photo, it is hard to confirm the precise plant shown in the image.  As you yourself guessed, it is likely a blackberry plant, but; identifying the precise variety is difficult.  Blackberry, of the genus Rubus, is a member of the rose family.

We think this is Rubus allegheniensis, Allegheny blackberry. Also called Highbush Blackberry, or common blackberry, it is quite common in eastern North America.  It is very variable in the wild, and cultivation has developed several varieties.  Common blackberry produces small edible berries that are eaten by small mammals and birds.

Hope this information is helpful.