Winter kill on grasses


Aside from shrubs and many of my buddleja, I am worried about some of my grasses that have been wonderful for more than five years, but this year, some are not yet showing any green.  Any thing I can do to boost whatever reserves they might still have?


It was a difficult winter for many gardens as the prolonged freezing temperatures and the deeper than usual freezing of soil, killed off many plants.  If your buddleja is doing well and showing growth, that is great.

If you have not cut back your grasses yet, do it now and who knows, you might see new green shoots starting to come.  Poor sun quality with low light conditions and cooler than normal temperatures for most of early spring in Toronto and Southern Ontario, has delayed a lot of normal growth.  So, like every wise gardener, be patient and watch your grasses carefully.  After you have cut them back, topdress with some sheep manure or general compost and if you like to use a general water soluble fertilizer in your garden, now would be the time to do that.  Remember also, to water your grasses well.  That goes for all the rest of your plants too.

If no growth shows in the next couple of weeks, then replacement might be required.

Good luck.