Wintering a potted Mandevilla


I bring my mandevilla at this time for the winter. The only suitable sunny spot is in front of a sliding door in our Kitchen. Unfortunately this is a very awkward location. Do you have any suggestions howelse I can keep it over the winter.
Thank you.


Maddevilla is a woody vine and should be brought in before temperatures drop below 10C. You can treat Mandevilla as a houseplant or store it in a dormant stage.

Houseplant: The plant can be trimmed back to make it more manageable. Wipe the plant’s leaves with a damp rag or wet paper towel before bringing it indoors.Place the plant in bright, indirect sunlight and water as needed when the top 2.5cm of soil begins to dry. You will get some leaf drop due to lower light and humidity.

Dormant Stage: Another way to winterize Mandevilla is in a dormant stage in a garage or cool basement with a temperature around 7-10C. Cut the plant back to about 30cm above the soil line. Wash the remaining leaves with a damp rag or wet paper towel to remove any pests. Treat for insects if needed. Keep the plant dry but not completely dry. Water the plant so it doesn’t wilt, but not more than that. Mandevilla will eventually drop all its leaves. In the Spring, some spindly winter growth may be pruned back and when new shoots develop move the plant to a sunny window. Pinch the new growth to get a bushier plant. Repot in fresh soil and set outside when danger of frost has passed.