Winterizing Actinidia Kolomikta


Hello, I have recently transferred a male and female hardy kiwi into the ground and wonder if I should cover them for the winter? I live in Atlantic Canada directly on the Bay of Fundy where winter winds can range from 10 – 90 mph and the temperature can range from -10 to -30. They are two years old and stand 1.5 feet high. Thank you.


Thank you for ccontacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Winterizing Hardy Kiwi depends on the variety and the area that you live in.

A. kolomikta will withstand temps down to  -40 C. Kiwis develop their shoots early in the spring and these shoots are extremely sensitive to frost. If there is an early frost and some shoot ‘burning” does occur the plant usually survives. However, if the plant has begun to develop buds and the flowers have suffered frost damage then fruit will not develop. The trunks of young plants are especially  susceptible to injury during these spring frosts. For young trees, be sure to wrap the trunk or cover with leaves. 

Since we are located in Ontario where the winter winds are not as severe my suggestion would be to contact the Atlantic Master Gardeners at:

They will be able to give you an answer from a Master Gardener in your area.