Two wisteria planted the same time appro.6feet apart one is blooming and the other only has little shoots starting will it bloom?


Dear customer,

In order to help answer this question I am assuming that both Wisterias were bought from the same producer, they are the same variety and, are planted under the same conditions (light, soil, same watering, pruning, etc).  You want to make sure that your plant is getting the same amount of sun (at least 6 hours), that is in a good drainage location (Wisterias dislike ‘wet’ feet) and  that it is not affected by any fertilizers high in nitrogen (from the lawn for example), as in that case the plant will have lots of leaves but no flowers.

Wisterias have their own ‘maturity clock’ for blooming and yours may just not be ready yet.

You mentioned that one is presently blooming which makes me think that you may be located further south that zone 6. You may also want to contact your local Master Gardeners group as they will be familiar with the conditions in your area.

I am attaching one of our gardening guides on the topic as it could be a good reference for the maintenance of your wisterias: https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/index.php/factsheet/how-to-get-wisteria-to-bloom-a-toronto-master-gardeners-garden-guide/

Good luck.