I live in a small community just north of Montreal near the Ontario Border and I have a vigorously growing wisteria vine which started flowering this year.  I am concerned whether the vine will do damage where it has attached itself to the brick walls and the guttering and roof of my house.


Wisteria is not a self-clinging plant so will not attach itself to brick but does twine around any support it finds.  It is a strong plant with vigorous and aggressive growth once established and needs sturdy support.  Damage could be caused by the considerable weight of the vine as it matures.

Sounds like your vine may be outgrowing whatever support you have provided.   If you haven’t already started regular pruning twice a season, now is the time to start.  Regular pruning will not only keep the vine confined to its support structure but also promotes the formation of spurs at controlled intervals.  Flower buds are produced on spurs.  Improper pruning may stimulate vegetative growth at the expense of flowers.  Instructions on pruning technique and other tips on growing wisteria can be found in our Garden Guide on “How to Get Wisteria to Grow” – see the link below.