Our wisteria covered our balcony railings. We had to have our balcony and railings replaced and while this was done the wisteria was successfully propped up on a 12foot pole. Now the railings/balcony are almost finished. We wondered if it was safe to wind the wisteria back around the spindles/supports of the railings or if the wisteria was now brittle and would snap easily and we should delay this process until the spring.


It may be November but we have had some pretty cold temperatures already so some branches of your wisteria may have dried out and become brittle. It might actually be a good idea to wait until early spring to rearrange your wisteria around your balcony railings.  But since your builder is going to leave the cap rail off until last it would make life easier to wind the wisteria around the balcony posts now.  If you take things slowly and gently you won’t damage the plant, too much, or the flower buds, which form before winter and bloom in the spring. Branches that do get damaged can be pruned next year.

Hope this helps with your quandary.

Have a look at our Toronto Master Gardener Guide to Wisteria where you will find more information on selection, pruning, fertilizing etc.

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