Wisteria blooming


I planted 2 wisteria vine plants 2-3 years ago in my backyard on an arbor trellis. They seem to be healthy and growing well, but they have never bloomed for me. When should I expect it to bloom? Is there something I can do to encourage blooming? It doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight as its under a black oak tree. Before I planted the wisteria there were grapevines that seemed to do very well until they died a few years ago. Thanks for any help you can provide me!


This is a common questions regarding wisteria. One of the requirements for successfully growing wisteria is patience! It can take many years for wisteria to bloom, depending on it’s initial size and planting conditions but there are techniques that can enhance success. Here is a link to our Gardening Guide How to Get Wisteria to Bloom.