Wisteria gone wild


Hi, I am not sure I am dealing with this plant properly. I love it, it provides much privacy… it is getting spindly and very exposed at the bottom. The top is hard to contain. What would you suggest doing with it in respect to pruning? Thanks so much, all of you were extremely helpful with an earlier question,


It seems that your wisteria is healthy and growing abundantly, and so the exposed portion of the plant and its thin stem at the bottom should not be a great concern. If you have not amended your soil recently, applying a layer of compost, either this fall or in the early spring, would ensure that your soil is as nutrient-rich as possible. The Toronto Master Gardeners receive many queries about wisteria, most in response to questions about blooming (or lack thereof) and pruning. Here are a couple of links that provide helpful advice on pruning, for blooming, shape and containment.  Your  photo is lovely and it is obvious that the wisteria is doing its job in providing both privacy and beauty in your garden!



In addition, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens has a good article on pruning climbing vines, Wisteria included.