Wisteria – pruning


We have a 34 year old wisteria that is usually full of blooms. This year it was not and we think it needs major structural pruning. We would like some professional guidance with this. It is getting too big for the arbour and the supports at our front porch. We live in Leaside. Thank you, Jennifer Welsh


For professional advice, I suggest that you consult an arborist in your area.  Landscape Ontario has extensive lists of experts.  Your local nursery may also know of professionals who can help. These experts should both complete the major pruning job and advise you on how and when to prune the wisteria in the future.

A regular pruning regimen is the best way to ensure that your wisteria will bloom every year.  If pruning is not done properly, this may encourage growth of leaves (not flowers).  And it is recommended to prune twice a year, for a number of reasons, e.g., to help keep the vine from extending beyond its support structure (this seems to be one of your issues!) and to promote formation of spurs (flower buds are produced on spurs).  See the Royal Horticultural Society’s Wisteria pruning for detailed information.  The RHS also has a good YouTube demonstration, How to prune a Wisteria in winter and summer.

All the best with your wisteria, and enjoy learning from the experts!

 June 3 2021