Woody Dying Lavendar – Part 2


Hello, Thank you for the reply to this question. I am still unsure how to proceed though. Do I leave all the woody branches intact and only cut the woody stems growing up out of the branches? That will leave my plant looking pretty strange but perhaps I do that this year in the hopes that it re-blossoms next year? Please advise. Thank you kindly.


Thank you for seeking further clarification regarding the pruning of your lavender plant. Depending on your species of lavender, the growing zone and year-to-year weather changes, there will be differences as to when the plant will display new growth. It is suggested that you wait until June to make decisions about what to prune. Dead woody branches can be pruned to the base of the plant at any time throughout the growing season. Pruning new growth should wait until flowering, and may be pruned prior to fall as per the OMAFRA guidelines.

For further information:

You may find information about the early season appearance and how to identify live vs dead lavender branches helpful – Lavender Crop Update – Green-Up of Plants

Enjoy caring for your lavender.