Worms in the garden


I just re-did my yard and my landscaper talked me into putting 16 inches of new soil in the beds – all the old soil was removed – we were well into the clay layer. The new soil is a product called GroMax which is supposed to resist compacting, however, the contractors walked all over it and managed to pack it down pretty good. So,  now I have this nice soil that is compacted.  I know worms have a positive effect but there are no worms because the soil is new (it was put in place last October) so what should I do? Wait? Add worms (from where?) — other?


Adding new soil is a great step towards a healthy garden. Worms thrive in environments full of organic matter.  I believe worms will eventually come to your garden and establish themselves. If you have a chance to add organic matter (home compost, shredded leaves, etc.), that will naturally aerate the compacted soil.

Try also to minimize traffic in the areas where the soil is, particularly after it rains as that would compact the soil even further.

I think nature has a way to balance itself and I believe, with the addition of organics, the ecosystem will build itself without the need for introductions.