Yellow Loosestrife


Where can I buy Yellow Loosestrife plants in Toronto?


Toronto Master Gardeners cannot recommend one nursery over another so I would suggest you call several of the larger nurseries around the GTA to see who has it or can get it for you.  If this yields no leads, then you may have to go further afield and try outside of the city.

There is a Loosestrife which is native to Ontario – Lysimachia terrestris, which you may find in a nursery that sell Ontario wild/native species.

Also, there are two very pretty non-native yellow loosestrife you may like to source – Lysimachia punctata “Alexander” with its green & white variegated leaves and, Lysimachia ciliata “Firecracker” with burgundy foliage.

Just a word of caution before you plant any Lysimachia, it can multiply rapidly and some species propagate by scattering seed so be sure to ask how invasive the species is before you purchase.  Also, do not plant it in or near an environmentally protected or sensitive area, or anywhere where it could escape and cause a problem with undesired spread.

Hope this helps.