Yellowing delphinium leaves


Last week I bought a large and very vigorous-looking delphinium. The pot ‘s diameter and depth are both 85 cm. / 8.5 inches. It’s about to bloom in a burgundy colour. The leaves are strong with a dark green colour.
However, I just noticed that all the leaf veins are a pale yellowish colour which does not extend into the neighbouring leaf tissue.
I have not encountered this phenomenon before.
What, if anything, does it portend for the future?
Should I do anything now by way of prevention?


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

How disappointing to have leaf abnormality on your beautiful new delphinium. Without a clear image of the leaves, it is difficult to diagnose the problem with your plant.  There are some diseases that discolour the leaves of delphiniums such as bacterial bud rot, crown rot, and stem rot and powdery mildew. For a more in-depth description of delphinium diseases review the information at this site:

Since you just bought the plant, you might consider taking it back to the place where you bought it.  They may be able to diagnose the problem and suggest a treatment or simply exchange it for a healthier plant.

It’s generally best practice to buy plants at reputable garden centers that provide a year guarantee for their plants.  To make it easier to return a plant, always keep the bill of sale as well as plant’s original pot.  Good luck with your delphinium.