Yorkshire Rose and and Jasmine plants



Do you have advice for planting Yorkshire Roses and Jasmine plants from seeds Can both these plants be planted indoors ? The Jasmine are the the large white ones .


To start roses from seeds, you need mature rose hips (on the plants for 4+ months) and then when you remove the seeds from the hips, they will need cold moist storage for 6 weeks to mimic the winter cold. Roses need a cold period for health and so they can’t really be grown inside. You could start them inside, but I don’t think they will bloom inside. If you buy rose seeds, they will likely already have been stratified (moist cold storage). The attached link will give you more information on growing roses from seed:


Jasmine plants can be grown successfully inside from seed. You can put them outside on the patio in the summer, but they aren’t hardy in our winters and would need to go inside then. This link gives practical advice for starting Jasmine from seed and how to collect seed: