Repotting a yucca plant


My Yucca (or very similar to a yucca) needs a bigger pot and fresh soil. There is almost no earth left, it is mostly roots. Is it safe to cut off some of the roots off my plant in order to use the same size pot? (I don’t have much space for a bigger pot but if I absolutely need to, I will) I’ve had my plant for close to 20 years. I cut it down to about a foot leaving only short sticks 8 or 9 years ago at a time it wasn’t doing too well, and I’ve cut a few tips to make new plants since. But it grew back to its pretty self since then and I didn’t necessarily want to cut off more tips just know as there is still space to grow before reaching the ceiling. I’ve been using this same pot for a long while, only changing a bit of the soil every few years, but now that is not an option with all those roots.
Thanks for your expert advice,


You can both repot your yucca and replenish the soil in either the same container or move up to one 2 to 4 inches larger. If it’s really root bound, going up a pot size is a good idea. When the roots have grown around the outside of the root ball, forming a thick white mat, the plant is root bound. Take a pair of shears and cut off the outside 1 to 2 inches of the root mass before repotting.

Get good quality potting soil. Place a few handfuls in the bottom of the pot and then place the yucca in the pot. Add soil underneath the root ball as needed until the base of the stalk is level with the rim of the pot. Make sure it’s centered and then fill in the rest of the soil up to the base of the stalk. Tamp it down lightly and give the yucca a thorough watering.