Benjamin Futa

Ben is the founder and CEO of The Botany Shop, a space for plant lovers of all experiences in South Bend, Indiana. Botany was founded in 2018 as a creative outlet to explore emerging ideas related to the “culture” of horticulture, leading to the opening of a brick and mortar shop in April 2021. Ben spent the first decade of his career invested in public garden leadership and, through Botany, hopes to create a new vision of a decentralized urban public garden.

Ben is passionate about connecting people to the natural world, and one another, through public landscapes. Ben is most interested in the potential of urban landscapes to provide meaningful, authentic, and equitable horticultural experiences through community engagement and co-creation of gardens and green space. Ben is also the host of Let’s Grow Stuff, a web series for beginning gardeners produced in partnership with PBS Wisconsin.

Presentation: Ecological Horticulture

In the face of challenges posed by climate change, habitat loss, and wildlife decline, how we design and manage our landscapes is changing rapidly. This presentation will present practical tools and strategies for integrating ecologically vibrant plants into established landscapes. Together, we’ll demystify essential landscape design elements for homeowners and explore regenerative planting strategies suited for urban and suburban settings.

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