Caring for Your Trees Improves Your Property Value and the Local Economy

On June 9, 2014, the Chief Economist for the TD Bank issued a special report, Urban Forests: The Value of Trees in the City of Toronto, outlining the way the trees represent “an important investment in the city’s environmental condition, human health and societal wellbeing”; valuing Toronto’s 10 million trees at more than $7 billion; and estimating that they provide an additional $80 million of environmental benefits and cost savings each year.

To read the report click here. A CBC interview that expands on the value of Toronto’s trees, of which 61% are on private property, can be found here. Several useful and informative articles about the urban forest appear on the City’s own website, also. 

If you have questions about caring for your trees, Toronto Master Gardeners can help. Just visit the Ask a Master Gardener page on this site.

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