Carry a Bucket; Save a Tree

The past few weeks of extreme heat coupled with lack of rain is putting urban trees at risk. Do help the trees along streets, in parks and in your own yard by giving them a much needed drink of water.

Sugar maples, birch and beech are trees with relatively shallow roots systems and will be among the first to indicate stress from high temperatures and low moisture levels.

Newly planted or young trees need as much as 3-4 buckets of water per day.

Do not mulch now. Adding mulch now will only serve to keep moisture away from the soil root zone.  Wait to mulch once soil moisture levels have returned.  Next spring, when moisture levels are adequate, mulch around your trees to help delay soil evaporation in the summer months. Adding plant residue and compost to increase the organic matter in your soil will help delay soil moisture losses  also in the future.

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