More Toronto Master Gardeners Eager to Help

Toronto Master Gardeners welcomed 12 new Master Gardeners in Training to the group at the beginning of the year. The new recruits successfully completed the eligibility test and interview last September and now embark on a 3-year apprenticeship period during which they must complete the educational requirements and fulfill the annual obligations required of all Master Gardeners.

There are two study options for the educational requirements: through the University of Guelph online distance education program, and through Dalhousie University’s Master Gardener Program. Those trainees with extensive horticultural backgrounds have the option to apply to write and pass (70% mark) the provincial association’s certification exam.

More Master Gardeners means more service to Toronto home gardeners.

For details on the many ways the Toronto Master Gardeners help click here. If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener, click here.

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