Managing this weed and attracting bees

I live in southern Etobicoke and we have a vegetable garden and couple of flower beds with perennials. We have rather sandy soil with clay deposits. Our area is just north of Lake Shore Blvd and we seem to enjoy…

Weed Identification

For the past 6/7 years I’ve battled this weed that keeps popping right back up every year. Finally this year I dug up the whole section of the garden it had taken over and found very large white roots hidden…

Identifying poison ivy on property

Dear Master Gardener, I have found some plants on our property with “leaves of 3”, the centre leave is symmetrical, and the two outer leaves have the asymmetrical “mitten” shape. They are not wild raspberry (we know because we have…

Corydalis plant

Early spring bloomer, 8″ tall, spreading. Thanks! This one has stumped me – it’s from a listener to my radio show.

Plant id – Thalictrum

Can you please identify this 9 foot perennial. I planted it in 2013 or 2014 and have lost the name and source. Thank you.