Edible or Poisonous?

Hello there – I’ve found these potential grapes/leaves growing in my backyard where I live in southeast Michigan. We’ve just moved here so I’m not sure if they were planted and intentional or if they are wild. They are growing…

Plant ID

Hello and thank you for your help. I am submitting a second photo to a previously answered question titled “Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium Sauve” My leaves don’t seem to match Water Parsnip and none of the flowers have bracts.…

Tree Identification

Some years ago I purchased a mountain ash which died after one year. I left the roots in the ground and this tree grew up. Can you identify this tree?

Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangea

I bought a Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangea at Sheridan a few years go. It’s doing well and growing up my trellis and pergola. it’s about 8-10 feet now. It’s blooming this year for the first time ….and it’s white! What…

Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium suave

I am in Toronto and this plant is taking over my raspberry patch. It is about 4 feet tall looks like Queen Anne’s Lace from a distance but it does not have a “carrot looking” leaf. It is in a…

Plant ID

Hi, can you identify this plant please. Is located in garden on property and cannot determine if a weed or friendly plant. Thanks.

Vine Identification

Would you be able to identify this vine? It is growing in the shade in clay soil.

Big Betony

Please help me identify the attached perennial. So beautiful but no labels. Thank you.