Time to Take Action Against Rodent Damage in Your Garden

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has issued a reminder that the fall season seems to have arrived here early and it’s time to mitigate the risk of rodent damage to your trees and shrubs this winter. According to the Ministry, the vole population was higher this summer and we are just heading into the time of year when they breed heavily. In fact, there are several kinds of small animals that can cause damage. They travel in tunnels under the snow or in ground covers and feed on the bark and cambium of several tree and shrub species.  The longer the winter, the more damage they can do.

OMAFRA advises the use of “protective tree guards placed around young trees (diameter less than 15 cm).  You can either use traditional coiled tree guards or corrugated drainage pipe.  Be sure that the tree guard extends at least 75 cm above the stem. For areas that receive a lot of snow, you might want to make that 100 cm.  Mulching around the outside of the tree guard may also keep herbivores from getting in under the tree guard.”

To read OMAFRA’s full advisory on rodent damage, click here.

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