Your Trees & Holiday Lights

Nothing lights up the season and our neighbourhoods like beautiful lights wrapped around the trees during the holidays. However, did you know the lights can cause the tree permanent damage and even be fatal to the tree unless the lights are properly managed?

The folks at LEAF want to advise that leaving the lights on the trees can cause girdling. Beneath the bark of a tree is a layer of tissue that assists the tree with the transportation of water, oxygen and nutrients necessary for good health of the tree. Trees widen each year with a ring of growth. When something on the outside of the tree prevents this widening, the tree will grow around the object thus restricting the flow of vital water, oxygen and nutrients. This is called girdling.

To prevent permanent damage to the tree, LEAF recommends the lights and decorations are removed before the growing season begins, preferably as early as the end of January.

For further information visit LEAF.

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