If you’re in Toronto, here’s how to become a Master Gardener:

  • Participate in the annual recruitment process held in most Septembers, which includes:
    • An entrance exam to assess basic gardening knowledge;
    • A personal interview to assess commitment to public service and volunteerism – critical to success as a Master Gardener.
  • As a successful recruit, begin your apprenticeship in the January following acceptance. That’s either 2 or 3 years as Master Gardeners in Training, depending on how long it take to completes the educational requirements.
  • The educational requirements for trainees include completing either 3 on-line courses from the University of Guelph or 4  courses from Dalhousie University’s Master Gardener Program. If you already have a solid horticultural background, you may have the option of writing a certification exam.
  • All Master Gardeners and Master Gardeners in Training must fulfill annual volunteer obligations:
    • Provide at least 30 hours of approved volunteer service;
    • Attend a minimum of four Toronto Master Gardener monthly meetings;
    • Undertake approved continuing education activities.

Interested? Our Master Gardener in Training Coordinator will be happy to talk with you. Just contact us.

We also hold an information session every June for anyone who is considering becoming a Master Gardener. Check our Events calendar for updates. *** 2021 UPDATE: Our information session will be postponed until later this year. Please stay tuned for updates. 

Not in Toronto? Don’t despair. You can find your local MG groups, including Mississauga, Etobicoke, Lake Simcoe South and 34 others, at www.mgoi.ca