Toronto Master Gardeners awarded Invasive Species Centre Microgrant

Toronto Master Gardeners are 1 of 24 recipients awarded a microgrant from the Invasive Species Centre.

The microgrant is an award for a one-time, small size education and/or community action project that focuses on prevention and/or management of invasive species.

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While we can't meet you in person until the health crisis ends, our volunteers are still active and available to assist you online.

We are currently offering virtual advice clinics, presentations and workshops via Zoom. Here are just a few of the many presentations we offer:

Spring Awakenings  |  Growing from Seed  |  Houseplants: Our Constant Garden  |  Landscaping with Trees and Large Shrubs



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Pull weeds as they grow and use mulch in your flower beds to prevent them from sprouting. If you can't pull them all, at least cut off their tops to prevent them from seeding; this will mean fewer weeds next year. ... See MoreSee Less
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Periodically pinch basil if you don't harvest it weekly. Pinching keeps it from flowering and ensure you have a full, bushy-looking plant. Mint, oregano, and savory can also be pinched to promote bushier growth. ... See MoreSee Less
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Mid-month, sow lettuce, radishes, and arugula for a fall crop. Carrots seeded by mid-July will keep in the ground well after the snow flies. ... See MoreSee Less
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INVASIVE LILY OF THE VALLEY (Convallaria majalis) and PERIWINKLE (Vinca minor) two invasive groundcovers choking out natives. Invasive plants have serious ecological effects. They outcompete native species and threaten species at risk. #invasivespecies #invasivespeciescentregrant ... See MoreSee Less
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