2022 Pawpaw Parade - In Partnership with Carolinian Canada

Let’s make October Pawpaw month – in the spirit and practice of reconciliation, we are inviting both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to help bring the pawpaw back to southern Ontario.

This year is bigger than ever!

Toronto Master Gardeners has been invited to be a host for this year’s Pawpaw Parade! If you would like to apply to adopt pawpaws or a Native Plant Garden Kit from us, apply below and pick Toronto Master Gardeners as your pickup location (actual pickup location will be at Toronto Botanical Garden). Submit your story, and you may be selected to receive either trees or a kit!

The 2022 Pawpaw Parade will: give away 100 pawpaw trees in pairs and singles (for lonely pawpaws!) and 50 Healing Gardens Native Plant Garden Kits.

Apply to Adopt Pawpaws Today: https://caroliniancanada.ca/pawpaw


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