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Toronto Master Gardeners in the Media

Toronto Master Gardener Heather Crisp was recently featured in this Weather Network segment about hellstrip gardening (i.e. the patch between the sidewalk and the curb).


Grow Me Instead

Did you know that some plants sold at garden centres are considered invasive and can cause ecological harm? Grow Me Instead is an essential guide to inform and educate home gardeners about invasive plants and offer suitable non-invasive alternatives.


Gardening Guides

Our useful Gardening Guides provide introductory information for the home gardener about a broad range of horticultural topics.

Check out our latest guide on Native Plants for Habitat, which provides a detailed list of native plants of interest for the Toronto area.


Invasives Spotlight: Jumping Worms and Spotted Lanternfly

Learn about two new threats to our gardens and local ecosystems: Jumping Worms and Spotted Lanternfly.

The Invasive Species Centre provides comprehensive information about invasive species identification, impacts and management.



Gardening Tips

Throughout the year, Toronto Master Gardeners post brief gardening tips on this site to help you with your seasonal gardening tasks.


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