November: Growing Amaryllis

Amaryllis should be grown in a pot that is no more than 2 to 2.5 cm larger than the bulb.  Several amaryllis bulbs can be placed together in a larger pot.  Leave approximately one third of the bulb exposed and press the soil down firmly.  Amaryllis should be watered sparingly and placed in a sunny window. Increase watering as the bud begins to appear. Rotate the pot to ensure all sides of the plant get adequate light, and to encourage straight stem growth.

Did you bring in an Amaryllis that summered outdoors?
Amaryllis require a minimum of 8 weeks cooling off period between 4 -10 degrees Celsius, in a dark place, to produce flowers. After 8-10 weeks of cooling off, pot your bulbs. Soak them in warm water for 2 hours before planting (as described above). Place in direct light in a warm spot (at least 20 degrees Celsius). Water sparingly until the bud begins to appear, then increase watering. Fertilize monthly with liquid fertilizer (a 20-20-20 blend is good). It takes about 8 weeks for Amaryllis to bloom from potting time.

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