Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium suave

I am in Toronto and this plant is taking over my raspberry patch. It is about 4 feet tall looks like Queen Anne’s Lace from a distance but it does not have a “carrot looking” leaf. It is in a…

Plant ID

Hi, can you identify this plant please. Is located in garden on property and cannot determine if a weed or friendly plant. Thanks.

Vine Identification

Would you be able to identify this vine? It is growing in the shade in clay soil.

Big Betony

Please help me identify the attached perennial. So beautiful but no labels. Thank you.

Poison Hemlock?

I have a rather large plant in my garden that I don’t remember planting. I posted pictures on an Ontario gardener Facebook page but I am getting lots of different suggestions. One was poison hemlock. It does look similar from…

Identifying a perennial

Please help me identify this beautiful plant I purchased recently at the TBG Plant Sale. thank you…

Purple Flowering Bush

Hi: We moved into this property a year ago (Zone 3b or 4 I think) and I noticed a small bush at the base of a larger bush of a different kind. This one flowered very early spring and has…

Hydrangea ID

I’ve recently moved into a new house that has a beautiful perennial garden.  I’ve managed to get advice about most of the plants from friends and neighbours but hoping for help identifying what type of Hydrangea this is and when…

Plant ID- Lunaria

I’m still getting to know my garden so I’d appreciate help identifying this plant that popped up all over my garden in may (see attached ). Since this photo purple a purple flower has bloomed on each plant with 4…

Plant ID- Manitoba Maple

I live in East York, part of Toronto. clay; dry; full sun Currently this plant is 5 inches tall. I hope that I have attached a photo. Thank you! Jennifer