What is this?


Hi. I found this plant in a piece of land that had been clear cut a couple years ago (Interior region of British Columbia-near Sun Peaks). The soil was moist, fairly sunny, and at an elevation of about 4000 feet or slightly higher. I cannot find anything similar so I would like some help identifying it.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Mastr Gardeners concerning your plant identification.

It is always difficult to identify a plant from a photograph. There are a number of key elements which are required inorder to make a proper identification. Are the leaves simple or compound? Is the leaf arrangement opposite, alternate or whorled.  Flowering period, flower shape as well as inflorescence type are just a few of the characteristics.

I pondered your photograph for many days and have shared it with numerous Master Gardeners. Unfortunately, from your photograph it is difficult to see leaf shape, arrangement, or infloresence type.

My suggestion would be to contact the British Columbia Master Gardeners group.

Good Luck with your plant identification.