Small Spring Flower in Lawn


This small blue flower appears each spring in our lawn. It is a low plant in a sunny location on clay soil. The leaves are triangular and scalloped and paired on the stem. There are 4 petals on the flower. I am not sure if it is a wild flower or a plant that was previously in a garden. It does not spread much. The patch has been about the same size for 25+ years.


In researching this plant, I discovered some confusion related to its name.  There are two varieties, both with the common name Bird’s Eye Speedwell.  One is Veronica persica – Persian Speedwell, the other, Germander Speedwell – Veronica chamaedrys.  What differentiates these two is that Persian Speedwell has only one flower on each stalk while Germander Speedwell has pairs of flowers on each stalk.  From the photo it appears that you have Persian Speedwell growing in your lawn.  This plant is generally considered to be a weed, with reproduction being by seed.

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