• Vine ID

    I’ve seen a number of these around my neighborhood (central Toronto), and would like to plant one in the front, just on one side of my porch. What are these called, and are they available in garden centres ? My…

  • New Vine Growing in our Garden

    A new vine has appeared in our garden and we would like to know wether or not it is desireable and what it’s name is. It has only been here four a few weeks and is growing like a week.…

  • Identification of Flowering Plant

    This lovely plant was blooming n a garden on Manitoulin Island. I was sent the photo but didn’t know what it was – looked like a hollyhock but ??? Might you know It is truly lovely. Thanks for such a…

  • Flower ID

    I don’t remember planting this flower, from seed or a cutting, but I have two big batches of it. It sort of looks like a defective coneflower but the foliage seems wrong. It is growing in full sun

  • Edible or Poisonous?

    Hello there – I’ve found these potential grapes/leaves growing in my backyard where I live in southeast Michigan. We’ve just moved here so I’m not sure if they were planted and intentional or if they are wild. They are growing…

  • Plant ID

    Hello and thank you for your help. I am submitting a second photo to a previously answered question titled “Plant ID: Water Parsnip, Sium Sauve” My leaves don’t seem to match Water Parsnip and none of the flowers have bracts.…

  • Tree Identification

    Some years ago I purchased a mountain ash which died after one year. I left the roots in the ground and this tree grew up. Can you identify this tree?

  • Rhododendron

    what kind of Rhododendron is this?

  • Uninvited Tall Plant with Lobed Basal Leaves

    This plant has shown up in my garden , starting last year. It grows in a clump like an echinacea. Stands about 24-30″ tall. What is it and should I let it stay?