• African violets

    I was propagating an african violet and had a plastic bag on it. The bag was removed, but now I have green mold on the soil. Is this a problem?

  • African violet leaf limp during propagation

    I received the leaf from a reputable grower, and started it in water. Once it had roots, I planted it in a pot with african violet soil. For a long time, it stood firm and like a little soldier. Now ...

  • Parasol Plant or Umbrella tree (Schefflera arboricola )

    I have two parasol plants, one pretty crimson red ,and one white. They were beautiful for the first month. They are in pottery pots and I have a pan under them , so water didn’t get all over the deck ...

  • Orchid repotting

    Where could I take my orchids in for repotting? I would rather have someone else do it as I am very new to caring for orchids. The roots are looking very sad.

  • Where to get Beefsteak Begonia?

    I have grown this plant for years, but recently lost it. I have called many, many, many Ontario and then cross-Canada nurseries and no one seems to carry it! Any idea where I could find one?

  • Where to find Epiphyllum in Toronto

    White EPIPHYLLUM Orchid Cactus Queen of the Night Oxypetalum Cereus

  • yucca plant

    Hello, My Yucca (or very similar to a yucca) needs a bigger pot and fresh soil. There is almost no earth left, it is mostly roots. Is it safe to cut off some of the roots off my plant in order ...

  • Where to buy potting media

    I am having problems locating in the following in Toronto, for ferns, orchids and violets. Where can I buy the following ( horticultural grade) products? Charcoal, medium coarse sand, mica, sphagnum Moss (Lee Valley carries low grade New Zealand), fir bark, etc. ...

  • Problems with avocado plant

    Hello! I grew my avocado plant from a pit just over a year ago. It lives in an apartment with north facing windows – not the best, but it was growing well. It was potted just before winter, and I water ...

  • Calla Lily

    Client's mother received a gift of a potted Calla Lily. Although it is well watered, the edges of the leaves are turning brown and every morning and night the leaves weep. Any suggestion?  

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