• My potted Rex begonias are overgrown

    I have 3 varieties of Rex begonias in pots, which they're now growing out of.  The stalks are almost bare of leaves, except at the ends.  And there are stems, or branches, growing out of the soil. My poor begonias ...

  • My orchid leaves are drooping !

    Oh my goodness ! What a pleasure to be able to call, and ask a question about my indoor garden! My problem is that all the leaves on my orchids are limp and drooping. I keep them in pots that ...

  • Woolly Aphids on house plants

    How does one get rid of a wooly aphid infestation indoors. Infected are amaryllis, clivia, and citrus plant (6 feet tall).

  • Where can I buy Begonia bulbs in Toronto?

    I am looking for begonia bulbs, but I can't find any in my local garden centres. Where can I buy them?

  • Sedum spp.

    i submited a photo of a succulent that you identified as a trailing jade. Please note that the id is incorrect and that the plant I submitted looks nothing like a trailing jade. The closest I have come with the ...

  • clivia plant

    Please tell me where I an purchase a clivia plant. I live in east Toronto Ontario

  • Growing Bay Laurel from Seed

    I have some Sweet Bay Leaf Laurel seeds (Daphne-laurus nobilis) What is the best way to start the seeds indoors. I have read many sites and have many different answers. As the number of seeds are very limited I want to ...

  • Dark Blotches on Pothos Plant

    I have dark blotches on my Pothos. It is in front of a large window and I don't over water it. What is wrong with it?    

  • Ficus Benjamina with Scale

    I have a Ficus Benjamina which has always been indoors and receives a good amount of light (southern exposure). For several months it has been dropping leaves. Many of the leaves look as though they have dust on them. The underside ...

  • Woody Coating on Easter Cactus Leaves

    I have a very old Easter Cactus. Many of its leaves have developed a woody coating. I have tried to propagate new plants, but eventually they also get it. How can I get rid of it?    

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