• Growing Camellia in Toronto

    Hi, I have recently brought a Camellia plant from England, and wondering if they can survive on the ground during winter in Toronto? Since England doesn't have cold/snow like Canada, they can survive well in the ground all year around. ...

  • Peace Lily losing dark green colour

    I have a peace lily that no longer has nice dark green shiny leaves. It sits near a window that faces west. I bought it in 2013. It's been fertilized approx 2-3 times since I got it. What could be causing ...

  • Head of the Toronto Bonsai Society

    I have lost track of Jim who was head of the bonsai section of the Toronto Japanese Garden Club.  I can't remember his last name. Can you find this information for me?      

  • What is this plant? – Hoya carnosa

    I would like to know the name of this plant? I've had this plant for 7 years. It was just a single branch when I got it. Over the years it has grown new branches from the original single branch. The plant ...

  • Trailing succulent

    Hi, Would you be able to identify this trailing succulent for me? I've had it for two years (came with no label on it). Pointy leaves with hairy stems...has done well in my sunroom in part shade. Thanks.

  • Orchid infestation

    My orchid seems to have white bugs/white fluff all over it -- what is the solution for this infestation?    

  • We’ve been given a large terrarium – how do I set it up?

    A large terrarium has been donated to the Broadview Housing Gardening Committee.  Any references, books in particular that you can provide on what soil to use and what plants are nest suited to terrariums would be appreciated.  

  • My “mini palm” has mites

    My "mini palm" looks like it has mites - I have sprayed it with a weak soapy solution, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

  • Please help me to identify this plant

    Hello, I saw this plant at Canada Blooms this weekend but was unable to find out it's name and if it is an indoor or outdoor plant. Are you able to assist me in providing the name of this plant?

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