• Flower Identification 1 of 2

    Hi there, I have 2 photos (1 attached here) that I've love help in identifying the names.  Is there someone who may be able to help me identify the flowers (botanical names preferred), photos taken at Allan Garden?' Any guidance you ...

  • Aloe plant

    Can you tell me what kind of aloe this is?  

  • Repotting Croton Indoors

    I have 3 Croton in an 8 inch pot.  Since the ice storm (Dcember 2013), they have started to lose their lower leaves. Should I repot them in a deeper pot so the extra stem is not showing and just the ...

  • Spider plant Scale

    I was advised to use diluted alcohol on my spider plant to rid it of scale. Does it matter whether I use 50% or 70% alcohol?                

  • Scale on Spider plants

    My three spider plants are infested with scale. Is there a "natural way" (no chemicals) to get rid of it?  

  • My houseplants are infested with flying bugs

    I recently transplanted three very large tropical plants, that I have cared for over many years. I purchased the soil from a well-known store in Toronto. Now the pots are infested with bugs. When I water, every Saturday, these flying ...

  • Rooting Aeonium cuttings

    What is this plant?  And how can I propagate it?              

  • White mould on bay leaf plant

    I have an indoor bay leaf plant, which has what I believe is a white mould. The plant has lost most of its leaves.  The leaves progressively turn a lighter colour on both sides as they die off.  You can ...

  • Activated charcoal

    I wish to redo my terrarium.  What exactly is activated charcoal and where can I purchase in the Toronto area?      

  • Growing indoor miniature roses: humidity

    I probably didn't choose the best plant for a valentine's gift during winter, by purchasing half a dozen miniature roses from a big box grocery store. Can they survive if I keep them misted by hand, and near a window, in ...

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