Toronto Master Gardeners are happy to answer your gardening questions if you live in the City of Toronto. If you live outside of Toronto, please check the Master Gardeners of Ontario website to find your local Master Gardener group in the province.

Before Submitting a Question:

  • Use the ‘Find It Here’ search box to the right (or bottom of this page, for mobile users) to make sure that we haven’t already posted the information you need. Simply enter keywords that relate to your question.
  • Refer to our Gardening Guides, which may also contain the information you need.

If you cannot find the answer you seek, fill out the form below. You will receive an email when the answer has been published to our website (your identity will never be published, only your question).

Please note that we cannot recommend or suggest nurseries, garden centres, landscapers or any other commercial operations. To search for such businesses in your area, please visit Landscape Ontario.

Plant Identification Requests:

We are happy to attempt to identify plants from photos that meet specific criteria (see below). We will only publish an answer if a positive identification can be made.

Please use these suggested resources before you submit a photo:

  1. Use Google Images, but avoid URLs containing Pinterest.
  2. Refer to our archives of previously identified plants - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
  3. Use these sites to help you identify plants:
  4. Download a FREE plant identification app, such as Picture This or iNaturalist, on your smartphone.

If, after exploring the resources above, you still wish to submit a photo, it must meet/include the following criteria and details:

  1. CLEAR, CLOSE-UP photo that shows stem, leaves, buds, flower and/or fruit of plant, as applicable.
  2. Give HEIGHT and SPREAD of plant, or approximation.
  3. Indicate WHERE your plant is situated – i.e. growing conditions (such as sun/shade, dry/moist, etc.).
  4. Photo is from the TORONTO area, please (not from your tropical vacation!)
  5. Please UPLOAD your photo and AVOID using links to photos (ex. Instagram, Imgur) whenever possible.


Maximum file size: 83.89MB

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