Bamboo in Toronto*


Hello, We have a rooftop garden in a Toronto Condo and wanted to know if Bamboo would grow well in a container?
If so, is there a recommended type? Many thanks,



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Bamboo is a fast growing potentially invasive plant with huge root growth. As you are planting in containers there is no risk for the plant to be  invasive though it would be difficult to put any other plants in the same container as the bamboo is so vigorous.

The issues you will face with the bamboo is having large enough containers to allow extensive root growth and dealing with over wintering in Toronto. It will be important to have containers large enough to support the bamboo. With the root growth you will need to watch it does not become root bound and will probably need to divide the plants at some point when they become too large for your containers. In the winter the pots will be exposed to low temperatures as well as many temperature fluctuations we have experienced over the last few years in Ontario.

I am attaching a link with an article  which discuss Bamboo and container gardening, and wintering containers and one about growing bamboo in Canada

Good luck


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