A choking vine



I hope you are well. We are reaching out because we have an infestation of a weed. We cannot identify it. Our neighbour has requested we take care of it as it has spread to her yard and we’d like to see if we can reasonably do something about it.

Thank you



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  From your picture it is not possible to make a definitive identification of the vine.  It is possibly Convolvulus arvensis  or bindweed which is an invasive vine with trumpet-shaped flowers.  To help you accurately identify the vine you might do the following:

  1. Use these sites to help you identify plants:
  1. Download a FREE plant identification app, such as Picture This or iNaturalist, on your smartphone.

Once bindweed is established it is difficult to totally eradicate but you can control it.  To control bindweed, you can use the steps outlined in this previous post

It may be helpful to share these suggestions on controlling the vine with your neighbour.

September 30, 2021