A fast growing evergreen


I live in Toronto and want more privacy. I like to plant a fast growing evergreen ( with in the beginning a small root ) between a pool and a yew hedge. Half sun/half shade and clay / wet soil. What do you recommend?
NB : preferably a tree with later a wide canopy.


Thank you for your enquiry, with a very good question, one that is often of interest to homeowners with back yards. The desire for outdoor privacy is important to most, and the choice of employing growing plants as a privacy screen is oft-considered to be relatively neighbourly, and for appreciation by all.

You mention there is an existing yew hedge, likely along one side of the property line. Regardless of whether this hedge is on your property or your neighbour’s, it sounds like you would like an even taller privacy hedge between this and your pool. For the greater Toronto region, there are numerous evergreen options for your consideration. Toronto Master Gardeners has written a detailed Gardening Guide that should help you consider your soil type, availability of sunlight and other growing needs. Please see: Evergreens Suitable for Hedging.

Also, you mention:” preferably a tree with later a wide canopy.”,  in which case, also providing you with a link for Deciduous Hedge Options.

Hoping these provide you with the guidance you need, and will help with selecting the best option for your hedge.