A question from a total novice seeking HELP!


Have an open space of 30’wide X 12’Long what perennial bulbs can I plant now. Prefer lots of colours and lots of variety with low maintenance. I am disciplined to water as required. Appreciate your response.


Well, you have a big, interesting project ahead of you.  September is a good month to plant most small bushes, spring-flowering bulbs and herbaceous perennials, all of which you may want to consider for your space.  In addition to thinking about watering requirements, and your desire for low maintenance, other things to take into consideration are:  amount of sun or shade (you say it is “open”, but perhaps there are trees nearby which cast some shadows?), kind of soil in your area, features you might like, e.g. attracting butterflies or using native plants, bloom time (selecting plants for colour throughout April – November), and design considerations like height of growth and what it will look like in the winter.

A good beginning discussion of these issues, with many useful links and resources can be found here:


In particular, have a look at the Master Gardener Gardening Guides on the Toronto Master Gardener web page for recommendations of Bulbs, and Perennials, both “Long-Blooming Perennials” and “Perennials for Full Sun”.

If you decide on professional help, the Landscape Ontario website link is given in that article.

Good luck!  And remember that all gardeners need a lot of patience!