Acanthus Morning Candle


I bought the above plant and now dont know if it will survive in Toronto. Would it be best to plant it in a large pot and either sink it or put it in the garage in the winter? I’ve als read that it can be hard to get rid of, but can’t find out if this would apply here. I live in downtown Toronto, less than a mile from the lake. This plant is tolerant of all soil as long as it drains well. Thanks in advance for any advice.


You are correct about the hardiness of your Bear’s Breeches, Acanthus mollis ‘Morning Candle’, Zones 6-9.  Container planting could be a potential option, however you would require a fairly large container that may be difficult to move for over-wintering.

Acanthus mollis can be grown in Toronto, as it was in a garden on the Toronto Botanical Garden’s Through The Garden Gate tour in 2017 (Rosedale neighbourhood).  It was growing beautifully in a protected south-facing, part-shade front yard garden, and was admired by everyone on the tour.

You may wish to try one in your garden and another in a large container, as long as you are mindful of its growing conditions.

Best of luck with this amazing stunner!