Affordable way to provide succulent wedding favors*



I am planning to provide wedding favors in the form of small potted succulents, like the ones in the image that I attached.

Our wedding date is Nov 5, so we have some time before we need these favors. Is it possible for me to grow succulents myself and divide them? I would need slightly under 200 of these.

If possible, then please let me know how one would start and what types of succulents would be good (and pretty of course). If it isn’t possible, then please direct me on how best to acquire these favors.

Thank You



Congratulations! That is a lovely idea and should be workable. There are many different succulents available, all beautiful and eye catching. I am sure your guests will be thrilled. I have attached two sites for you to check out. The first is a general guide to growing succulents and all their requirements for indoors but can be applied to outdoor growing as well.  The second site is an in depth description of different ways to propagate and the best method to use for different types of plants.

If you find this all too confusing head to your favourite nursery and look for the succulents that already appear to be spreading in the pots and then consult with a knowledgeable staff person.

Good luck and happy planting! Succulent P