How do I get this plant (Agapanthus) to bloom. It’s been in a big pot on my patio for three years (in the basement in the winter). Lots of foliage but no blooms.


There is conflicting advice about the Agapanthus: some experts say that it prefers to be slightly pot-bound or “cosy”, while others say that a large pot is just fine.  Everyone does agree, though, that this plant needs full sun, adequate watering from spring through fall, as well as a balanced liquid fertilizer through the growing season until the blooms begin to show.  Agapanthus are known to flower poorly following a drought, so it is important to keep watering your container until the end of the season.  Is it possible that your container’s location on your patio doesn’t receive sufficient sunlight?  If you haven’t been fertilizing your Agapanthus, you should try that this year.

Here are a couple of resources that provide some helpful growing advice for Agapanthus:

Very best of luck with this spectacular summer beauty!