Overwintering agapanthus


Agapanthus: I understand they are not winter tolerant so for the past two years I have taken them indoors.  They have not bloomed since but look really healthy.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry concerning your Agapanthus.

The Agapanthus or the Lily of the Nile is a South African native. There are two kinds of Agapanthus: the evergreen type ( A. praecox & A. africanus) is hardy in zone 8+ and the deciduous type ( A. campanulatus, A. caulescens & A. inapertus ) which dies back in winter is hardy to zone 6+.

In Toronto we have hardiness zone 6b and in the GTA zone 5b, definitely too cold for Agapanthus.

Depending on what type of Agapanthus you have determines how it is overwintered. It is suggested that you put the evergreen Agapanthus in a pot and take it indoors for the winter and treat it as a house plant.

Deciduous Agapanthus should be planted in a  pot can be placed in an unheated garage or frost free area. Around the beginning of May, place pot outside in a sheltered area.

Please see the link Are agapanthus winter hardy?  for detailed information on overwintering both types of Agapanthus.

As far as your plant not blooming, it should be noted that these plants bloom better when they are root bound, therefore only repot when it becomes overgrown and needs to be divided.

Good luck with your Agapanthus.