Air-layering a Dracaena marginata


I have a very spindly Dracaena marginata plant here that needs your help.
It has passed the point of being able to hold itself up.
So I am trying to use the ‘air-layering’ technique on the stem
to create some roots – using damp peat moss around the stem
where I made some small cuts – so I can cut it off and replant it
with a lot less stem.
– the air-layering does not seem to be working, even though
I have used the technique on other plants very successfully.
So my question is:
– can I cut off the ‘sprout’ on the side of the stem, treat it with
a rooting hormone and plant it in fresh potting soil?
Looking forward to your advice.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry concerning your Dracaena.

We have had numerous questions concerning grafting and how to take tip cuttings from dracaena plants. Please refer to one of our earlier posts titled  Grafting a dracaena