Alstroemeria/ Peruvian Lily


Any chance where l can buy this plant in GTA ?


We are not permitted to recommend specific businesses where plants can be purchased.  I’d suggest that you check with your local nursery to see if they can help.  Another resource is Landscape Ontario  – you can search that website for a list of nurseries (and their contact information) near your home.

A simple Google-search might yield results, for example, use the words “lily of the Incas“ or the plant’s Latin name “Alstroemeria”, e.g., “where to buy alstroemeria plants Ontario”, and several sites of interest pop up. You could also use the words “nursery” or “Toronto” in your search.    You may want to call these businesses first, as Alstroemeria is often used in bouquets or floral arrangements, so might be available from some businesses (e.g., florists) as a cut flower only.

See also a prior response on our Ask a Master Gardener website about overwintering this plant in the GTA, Peruvian Lily, or Lily of the Incas in Toronto.

Good luck in finding and nurturing this lovely plant!