Amelanchier alnifolia vs Amelanchier canadensis


Please tell me the differences between Saskatoon serviceberries ‘Regent’ (amelanchier alnifolia) and Serviceberries (amelanchier canadensis).

I would like to know differences as it relates to cost, medicinal benefits, taste, size of berries, space requirement, etc. Would you say they are interchangeable?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

There are many varieties of serviceberries.  The link below should provide a general overview:

As to the comparison between the two specific serviceberries, please check the following links:

For Amelanchier alnifolia ‘Regent’:

A. alnifolia ‘Regent’-Saskatoon serviceberry is a shrubby species that has been cultivated for fruit production. This cultivar tolerates harsh climates and alkaline soils. It typically grows 6-10ft. in height.

For Amelanchier canadensis:


A. canadensis is an upright suckering, tightly multi-stemmed shrub with a dome shaped crown. The fruit of this species does not have the same flavour as those of A. arborea.

A. arborea– Downy serviceberry, Juneberry- is one of the finest cultivars for naturalizing at the edge of woodlands. The fruit of this serviceberry tastes much like those of highbush blueberry ( Vaccinium corymbosum), but are slightly sweeter and make excellent pies. This species is adaptable to acid and high pH soils, and to moist or relatively dry situations. This species grows 15-25ft. tall, with a variable spread.

Please see the link for additional information on A. arborea:

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