Amelanchier canadensis


Sheridan is selling this serviceberry and the tag states “plant two to ensure pollination”. However on the Plants for a Future website, it states that the plant is self-fertile and flowers are hermaphrodite. If only one is planted, will the serviceberry have fruit or not? Thanks very much.


Hello and thank you for your question. The short answer is that both sources of information (the tree tag and the website) are technically correct. Amelanchier canadensis is indeed self-fertile, meaning you can plant just one. Pollen from the male part of the flower will fertilize the female part of the same or different flowers on the same tree. You will get fruit, but it might not be a large crop. However, by planting two or more trees, there are more opportunities for cross-pollination and, under the right conditions, you’ll get a bumper crop of berries. Keep in mind that to get fruit in either situation, you need to have pollinators in your garden, so it’s important to make sure there are plants that will attract them to your yard. For tips on planting a pollinator garden, please see our Pollinator Garden Guide here.