Amsonia tabernaemontana


Hello, my new purchase at the May Plant Sale! Is the lovely blooming Amsonia. I would not have expected it to be blooming now esp. in weather this weekend, so cool!
-Does the Amsonia usually bloom early in May?
-Will it bloom in filtered light from large Red Oak tree?
Looking forward to your news and thank you!


I’m glad you like your new Amsonia.  It’s difficult to find a true blue flower that is tolerant of part-sun and moist locations.  This plant is also a wonderful marginal or rain garden perennial.  As with many perennials, they make their flower statement once a season, and then are gone until the following year.

I have found with Amsonia that the flowers tend to last a bit longer than other spring flowering perennials, and when finished flowering they form a dense, wispy clump which looks amazing in a garden with a more loose, organic structure, as opposed to a formal, clipped style.

This is not a commonly planted perennial, however is becoming more popular, is easy to grow and will continue to please each spring.   You will find a bit more information in the attached link.