Are Cedars and Hydrangeas good company?


Good day

I would like to move my absolutely favorite Hydrangea to corner where I have cedars. I know cedars have turpentine and acidic. Wondering if my Hydrangeas will be happy in cedar’s company ?


Without specifically knowing which variety of Hydrangea you have, I will answer in general terms as most of these shrubs have similar growing requirements.

Hydrangeas like to have morning sun and some afternoon shade, prefer a moist organic rich well draining soil, and will tolerate either acidic or alkaline conditions.  Depending on the plant variety, soil pH (acidic or alkaline) may affect the flower colour – acid soil leading to blue blooms, alkaline soil leading to pink blooms.  White varieties are unaffected by soil pH and do not change colour.

Cedars like to have morning sun and benefit from some afternoon shade.  They too, like to have a richly organic well draining soil and have a preference for soil which is slightly acidic.

So the conclusion is that both of these plants are quite compatible in their growth requirements.  Both also benefit from topdressing with a good quality compost or well rotted manure annually as well as 2-3 inches of mulch to help with soil moisture retention.  Consistent deep watering of both trees and shrub is vital.

Hope this helps.