China aster


I just bought 3 pots of aster reine marguerite (white,pink and purple) from Home Depot (they still have them). I thought they are perennials because 5 years ago I bought Aster (dark purple) and it has been coming every year. I also bought Aster (pink) from Canadian Tires last year and this year it came back. But to my surprise, the new plants that I bought today, the label says they are Annual! I wish the label is wrong. What do you think? Are they Perennial or Annual. Is there are different kind of Aster? Thank you so much.

  • There are approximately 250 types of asters that are native to North America, Europe, Asia and some parts of the southern hemisphere.  While most cultivated asters are herbaceous perennials, there are annual, biennial, and woody species as well.

According to the Missouri Botanical Gardens info on China aster or Reinmargriet:

Callistephus chinensis, commonly called China aster, is a popular annual that provides showy, 3-5-inch diameter blooms from early summer to fall on plants clad with ovate, toothed, medium green leaves. Species plants are infrequently grown because of the huge number of superior cultivars that have arisen over the years. Cultivar height ranges from 8-inch dwarfs to 36-inch tall plants. Cultivar appearance varies from single daisy-like flower heads with yellow centers to fully double flower heads with shaggy to pompom form. Cultivar colors include shades of white to pink, red, blue, violet, purple and yellow.”

While it is frustrating that you purchased an annual when you thought you were getting a perennial, why not make the most of it and plant a beautiful fall container with your asters, some ornamental kale, ornamental peppers and lots of tailing ivy?  Finish off the look with some curly willow twigs for height and I can guarantee you will have a lovely autumn focal point.