Becoming a Master Gardener


To start the process of becoming a Master Gardener, I understand that I need to write an entrance exam in September. Do I have to do that BEFORE I register for one of the online gardening courses at Dalhousie? I found a course there that I want to take in Feb/2018, but I have not written the Master Gardener entrance exam yet. I downloaded the big guidebook from the Ontario Master Gardening site, but I’m eager to take an online course and I can accommodate it in my schedule in spring/2018. Can I go ahead with the online course, or do I have to postpone it until I write a Sept exam with the Toronto Master Gardeners? Thanks for your clarification.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

The Toronto Master Gardener exam you are referring to will take place next September 2018.  The exact date will be posted on our web site closer to the time of the exam.

To become a Master Gardener in Training in the Toronto MG group, an individual must pass both the entrance exam and interview portion of our selection process. Successful candidates are then invited to begin their Master Gardener apprenticeship the following January.

You certainly can start taking courses before the exam if you wish.

Successful completion of each courses will be credited towards your Master Gardener Certification.  If you plan to attend Dalhousie on line, you will be required to complete the following four courses for your accreditation:

  1. Plant Identification and Use
  2. Science of Gardening
  3. Art of Gardening
  4. Maintaining the Garden

I am sure you will enjoy the courses.