Beech Blight Aphids


20 year old beautiful Beech hedge has Beech Blight Aphids What will work to get rid of them and NOT humans?
Neem Bill, vinegar, epsom salts, dishsoap???


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners:

Looking at the photo I can confirm that you do have Beech Blight Aphids. The aphids do not usually cause much damage to overall tree health,  if heavily infested you may see some dieback of branches, damage to the tree is usually minor.

Use this OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) site, linked below, for management and aphid information: Aphids

Using a harsh water spray to blast the aphids off the undersides of the leaves should be effective in removing many of the insects.  After the leaves dry, spray the remaining aphids with direct hits of a commercial insecticidal soap, following the application directions carefully.  These products can be purchased in your local nursery, garden centre or hardward store.  Insecticidal Soap is on the list of Active Ingredients Authorized for Cosmetic Uses (Allowable List) and is safe for use in home gardens, see link attached. Pesticide Allowable List.